Why Is My AC Suction Line Frozen

Why Is My AC Suction Line Frozen

Clogged Air Filters

Closed Supply Vents

If your AC seems to be hitting rooms that are too cold, you might close the vents to try to redirect the air to warmer rooms. However, this can actually lead to issues because it too can limit airflow. Go through your home and open any supply vents that are closed to see if this helps.

Blocked Return Vents

Return vents are designed to suck air into the unit as part of the airflow process. If they are blocked it can cause issues with the unit. You should keep return vents clean and never let the outside ac line frozen. If your AC suction line is frozen, check your return vents and clean any that are blocked – or you can hire the Doylestown HVAC pros.

Fan or Blower Not Working

Your blowers and fans work together to pull warm air from rooms into the system and then force cool air out. If they aren’t working, nothing really works. There isn’t adequate flow, so your line can freeze. Listen for your fan and blower to see if it is working. If you either don’t hear anything, or it sounds like it is struggling you’ll need to call CDO Heating and Air Inc. for guaranteed Doylestown AC repairs.

Leaking Refrigerant and Dirty Evaporator Coils

If you do all of these checks and fixes and nothing works, it’s time to call for professional help from CDO’s Doylestown HVAC pros to check and see if you have something else causing the freezing line such as low refrigerant levels. Outside ac line frozen is typically caused by a leak in the system. There will be other notable issues if your refrigerant is leaking including increased energy bills, blowing warm air instead of cold and hissing sounds. We will check the refrigerant, find the leak, and repair it. They’ll also replace the refrigerant so your AC will be back to proper cooling function. 

Can I Just Thaw My AC Line?

This is often a DIYer solution when they spot a frozen suction line. Although you can turn off your thermostat and leave the fan on for a few hours, it will thaw the line, but won’t address the actual problem. This will lead to an endless cycle of you thawing out the line and then having a few hours of cool air and then thawing it out again when it refreezes. As well, when the line thaws it produces water which can lead to water damage to your house. It’s always best to call CDO Heating and Air Inc. and let a Doylestown AC specialist to come and assess the problem. They’ll figure out what’s wrong and make the necessary repairs that will get your AC back in tip-top condition.

Regular Maintenance

The best way to avoid frozen suction lines is to replace your air filters and schedule regular AC maintenance. A service call once a year will ensure your coils are clean, your filters aren’t clogged, and all the components of your AC are in working order. You’ll save wear and tear on your system, while also keeping your system running more efficiently. This will show up on your energy bills. Best of all your family will be comfortable even on the hottest day of the year.

While it can be tempting to take the DIY route, you can actually cause more damage than good. A properly maintained AC unit by a qualified Doylestown HVAC pro will reduce energy costs and keep comfortable all summer long. 

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