Heating and Air Conditioning Service Agreements in Doylestown, PA

One of the smartest ways to keep your HVAC system running at peak efficiency is to have it maintained at least twice a year: once in the spring for cooling, and once in the fall for heating.

Almost half of your utility bill is spent keeping your home comfortable. And if your HVAC system isn’t performing as efficiently as it should, it can lead to a significant increase in your monthly energy expenses.

This is why it’s crucial to have your system checked and maintained on a regular basis. At CDO Heating and Air Inc. we provide our customers with service agreements that come with semi-annual maintenance for Doylestown customers. Contact us today to learn more!

What Can You Expect From Our HVAC Service Agreements?

Customers who are a part of our annual service plan receive additional benefits that include priority scheduling, savings on repairs and replacements, and the peace of mind knowing that their heating and cooling equipment are prepared to keep them comfortable no matter the season.

Spring AC Tune Ups

Maintenance tasks include:

  • Inspecting both indoor and outdoor units

  • Cleaning the coils

  • Checking refrigerant levels

  • Lubricating moving parts

  • Checking electrical connections

  • Cleaning the condensate drain line

  • Performing temperature drop measurements, static pressure tests, and amperage and voltage measurements

  • Calibrating the thermostat

  • Replacing the AC filter

Fall Heating Tune Ups

Maintenance tasks include:

  • Inspecting the pilot

  • Inspecting and adjusting gas pressure

  • Checking the blower wheel and motor

  • Inspecting the furnace flue

  • Cleaning the burner and heat exchanger

  • Cleaning the condensate drain line

  • Checking heat exchanger for cracks or other damage

  • Checking temperature rise

  • Inspecting for gas leaks

  • Assessing the amp draw

  • Replacing the air filter

Benefits of Working With Our Doylestown Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance Professionals

Routine maintenance will help improve your indoor air quality and comfort, provide more consistent heating and cooling, and keep your energy costs low. When you invest in routine maintenance services with CDO Heating and Air Inc., you get access to a team of dedicated and highly skilled HVAC professionals who will work closely with you to understand your needs and help ensure that your comfort systems continue to work at optimal levels.

We have been serving the complete heating and air conditioning needs of Doylestown, PA for over 20 years and our values remain the same: treat our customers like family and provide them with the highest level of service.

Call now to discuss your needs with us and learn more about signing up for an annual heating and air conditioning service agreement. Proudly serving Doylestown, PA and the surrounding area.

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