Air Handler Repair, Replacement, and Maintenance in Doylestown, PA

Are you having recurring AC problems? It may stem from an issue with the air handler. The air handler is your indoor unit that houses the blower motor, evaporator coil, and air filter. CDO Heating and Air Inc. provides professional air handler solutions to air handling unit common problem for homeowners throughout the Doylestown, PA area. We can help you with unit repairs, parts replacements, maintenance, and more. 

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What’s in the Air Handler and How Does It Affect Your Comfort?

The air handler is responsible for distributing cool air through your home. The blower in the unit is used to pull warm air towards the evaporator coil, which then cools the air and redistributes it back through the registers.

To keep the air handler operating at peak efficiency, you will need to replace the AC filter on a regular basis – which is the usual air handling unit common problem. Every one to three months is often a good rule of thumb for most households.

If dirt, dust, and other kinds of debris enter your air handling unit, it can cause damage to the evaporator coil and blower motor. This is why it’s crucial to replace your air filter regularly. Taking the time to maintain and care for your air handler and HVAC system will go a long way towards lower energy bills and more consistent cooling.

Common Problems Affecting Air Handlers and When to Call Your Doylestown Air Handler Repair Technician

Frozen evaporator coil: Failing to change out the air filter can lead to debris building up in the evaporator coil. This restricts airflow and leads to a lack of cool air.

Blower motor damage: Dirty air filters can also impact the efficiency of the blower motor. Too much dirt or debris in your unit can cause the motor to experience inefficiencies, which can cause the coils to freeze or cause damage to the outdoor compressor.

Loose blower wheel: If you are hearing unusual sounds like loud screeching noises, this can point to a loose blower wheel. If this is the case, turn off your AC to avoid any further damage and call our Doylestown air handler repair team for emergency response and troubleshooting of all air handling unit common problem.

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