Water Heater Replacement and Repair in Doylestown, PA

Experiencing problems with your water heater? Get the honest answers and quality service you deserve when you call CDO Heating and Air Inc. We provide full-service water heater solutions, from troubleshooting and repair to installations, as well as routine tune ups and maintenance.

Whether your water heater isn’t giving you the hot water you need, or you think it’s time to change out an old system, our team is here to provide the solution you need.

Call now to schedule an appointment for professional water heater repair or replacement services in Doylestown, PA or surrounding areas in Bucks County.

Common Water Heater Problems and Signs You Should Call Your Doylestown Water Heater Repair Expert

Don’t hesitate to contact our team for immediate troubleshooting if you are experiencing any of the following problems:

Your water heater is making “popping” noises

While this is a common occurrence and often happens with untreated hard water, the popping noise itself isn’t a cause for concern. What needs to be addressed is the cause of the noise–which is often due to mineral or sediment buildup inside the tank. This buildup can put additional strain on your water heater over time and cause it to overheat or leak. We recommend flushing the tank at least once a year to extend the service life of your water heater.

Hot water comes out discolored or with a foul-smell

Discolored or odd-smelling water is another sign of mineral buildup (or bacteria) in the tank. This is another reason why we recommend draining the tank once a year. Regular maintenance can help your water heater last longer and provide more reliable hot water.

Hot water temperatures are inconsistent

Are you either getting scalded or only getting lukewarm water every time you turn on the hot water tap? This is often caused by a problem with the heating element. Further inspection by our Doylestown water heater repair technician will help locate the source of the problem and provide you with parts replacement if needed.

Water Heater Installation and Replacement Done Right in Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Do you have a water heater that is well over a decade old? Are you seeing a significant amount of rust near the bottom of the tank?

It’s best to have your water heater replaced if you notice that it’s starting to rust. This can help you avoid a burst tank and the stress that comes from the resulting water damage.

Our Doylestown water heater installation and replacement experts will take the time to discuss the process of selecting and setting up your new water heater. We will make sure your new equipment is sized correctly and that the installation meets manufacturer specifications and the highest quality standards.

Schedule Your Water Heater Repair or Replacement in Doylestown Today!

CDO Heating and Air Inc. is committed to your peace of mind. Whether you need help with your water heater or your HVAC system, our team is here for you with 24-hour emergency service and the skills and technology to have your problem resolved in no time. Expect honest advice, personalized service, and peace of mind guaranteed from start to finish.

Enjoy the hot water you and your family need without any interruptions. Contact our team today for water heater troubleshooting, repair, or replacement in Doylestown, PA.

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